Laser Sailboat (Used)


Used Laser Sailboat for Sale

Baseline: Includes hull, top cover, spars/mast, sail, carbon tiller extension

+rudder/tiller/daggerboard: includes brand new rudder, daggerboard, rooster carbon tiller

+complete: includes everything you need to club race + brand new dynamic dolly


Waxed and Ready to sail Laser sailboat, great for day sailing or club racing. This is a 1990’s hull with lots of sailing life.

(No Shipping, PICKUP or DELIVERY local to Connecticut only, included)

Baseline package:

  • comes with a crisp sail (intensity sails)
  • spars/mast
  • carbon tiller extension
  • top cover
  • new racing mainsheet
  • vectran racing traveler


  • adds brand new (intensity) rudder, daggerboard and rooster tiller

+complete package

  • adds a brand new dynamic dolly
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+complete package, +tiller/rudder/daggerboard, baseline

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