Where is your sail number located

  1. For Laser sailboats built after 2010 the sail number is located in the rear of the cockpit on a sticker
  2. For Laser Sailboats Built Prior to 2010 the sail number can be decoded from the Hull Identification Number Located on the stern or on very early lasers under the bow eye.

here’s how to determine your number from Hull Identification Number

  • The first three characters are letters which denote where your laser was built
  • The next 5 characters are your sail number
  • The first of these characters is a letter which corresponds to: A=10; B=11; C=12; D=13; E=14; F=15; G=16; H=17; I=18; J=19
  • The next 4 numbers are the rest of the sail number

For example: if characters 4 through 9 are H0997, your laser sail number is 170997

How Old is My laser Sailboat?

  • The last four characters in your hull identification number indicate which month and year your laser sailboat was built
  • the first character is a letter and this letter indicates the month of manufacture according to the builder: A=Aug, B=Sept, C=Oct, D=Nov, E=Dec, F=Jan, G=Feb, H=Mar, I=April, J=May, K=June, L=July.
  • The next number indicates the year your laser was built
  • the next two numbers indicate the model year for your laser sailboat

For example: if characters are B809, your laser was presumably built in September 2008 and model year 2009

Fun Fact: The first mass produced laser is #101