ILCA / Laser® Complete Racing Lines



This package includes all the lines needed for competitive racing in laser, the lines can be spliced or tied though splicing the control blocks is recommended

Lines included in the kit:

  • 6mm Pro Racing Mainsheet 41ft
  • FSE Robline 3mm Outhaul Control Line
  • FSE Robline 3mm Cunningham Control Line
  • Alpha Ropes 2mm Dyneema for Outhaul Purchase
  • New England Ropes 3mm Dyneema for Cunningham Purchase
  • Alpha Ropes 2mm Dyneema for Daggerboard Downhaul
  • Bungee for Daggerboard Downhaul and Hiking Strap
  • FSE Robline 3mm Vang Cleated Control line
  • Alpha Ropes 2mm Dyneema for Vang Purchase
  • FSE Robline 3mm for Rudder Downhaul
  • Yale Vectrus 4mm for Traveler

These lines will all work with the OEM standard blocks, for the best performance we recommend Harken T18 Series blocks for the controls and Vang and Ronstan 40c for the mainsheet block.