Spinnaker Halyard Auto-Release Clip


Spinnaker Halyard auto-quick-release


Designed by Sailing Store owner Andrew Sorensen to secure halyards for upwind and have them ready for the downwind with automatic release on hoist.

The clip attaches via luggage tag to a stanchion base and the halyard is pushed through the clip, the halyard can then be tensioned so it’s out of the way of the jib. When the spinnaker is ready to be hoisted the clip will automatically release as soon as the halyard is hoisted.

It’s safer for lines than using velcro or tape and it’s re-useable so better for the environment than wasting tape for each spinnaker set.

This size is suitable for most PHRF boats – it’s perfect for J92, J109, J105 etc, if you need a larger or smaller clip for other classes, sport-boats, dinghies contact us via email and we can design one specific to your needs.