Dinghy Star FSE Robline



Dinghy Star is suited for both halyards and sheets, the standard rope used as halyard on 49er – Dinghy Star Pro is the standard rope for skiff and dinghy classes. It excels due to highest abrasion resistance at minimum stretch.

• Core: Dyneema® SK78.
• Cover: PBO/Dyneema® SK78 / Technora®/XLF / 16/24/32.

Aplications: Dinghy
• Spinnaker/ Gennaker Halyard (1).
• Foresail Halyard (2).
• Tack-Line (3).

• Lowest stretch and highest breaking strength.
• Abrasion resistant.
• Low weight.
• Soft.
• Kink free.
• Resistance to high temperatures.
• Good ability on winches.
• Good in cleats.
• Low water absorption.
• Spliceable.

• Dyneema® core: lowest weight with the highest breaking strength.
Polyethylene which is the raw material for Dyneema® is changed on a molecular basis and in addition is stretched in one direction. These stretched molecule chains increase the breaking strength and decrease the elongation. Therefore Dyneema® has the lowest stretch at break of all synthetic fibers. Dyneema® has a very low specific weight and is therefore buoyant. The only disadvantage is that it creeps more than some other raw materials.
This means the cover can easily be removed from the rope ends without reducing the breaking strength due it’s fiber shows a permanent elongation under load. Dyneema® is used as core material in high-tech ropes. The core will carry the load whereas the cover is just used for abrasion and light protection. Therefore Dyneema® it has too a good abrasion resistance and resistance against sunlight.

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